Oxytokel 10 I.U.

Brand Kela
Product type Medication
Pharmaceutical form Solution for injection
Active substance Oxytocin 10 I.U./ml
Therapeutic class Hormones
Indications To stimulate uterine contractions: during parturition: partus induction in mares, uterine inertia in sows, bitches and queens. during the early puerperium: to promote uterine involution (uterine atonia, after reposition of uterine prolaps, aid in the removal of retained placenta, for the reduction of retained placenta in cows). during oestrus: aid in the treatment of endometritis (for removal of intrauterine uid) in mares. To promote milk let-down (post-partum agalactia in heifers, maiden mares and as an adjunctive treatment of MMA in sows) and for the removal of residual milk (supportive therapy in case of mastitis).
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